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CCLAX on the Las Vegas News

CCLAX on the Las Vegas News for their participation in the Las Vegas Shootout

by posted 11/14/2016
Santa Barbara Showdown 2016 in Pictures

by posted 11/03/2016
Early CCLAX Winter League Registration Extended to November 6th

Winter Lacrosse in Culver City doesn't look like this!

Culver City Lacrosse Club participates in the West Los Angeles Winter League. The league consists of teams at each of the following grade levels, K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and 6-8.  The West Los Angeles winter league consists of programs from Santa Monica, Palos Verdes, Manhatten Beach, Westchester, and West Los Angeles.  Most games will be hosted at Culver City High School.

Early Registration before November 6, 2016 will be $240 for players needing a 2016-2017 Culver City Lacrosse Club uniform, and $135 for players that just received the Culver City Lacrosse Club uniform (players participating in the fall lacrosse tournament team program).  To ensure uniform delivery by the first game, players must be registered by November 6, 2016.


US Lacrosse Membership Required Click Here to obtain a new membership before proceeding. You will need to renew your membership if it expires before February 20th.

 Late registration, after November 6, 2016, will be $170 for players with uniforms and $275 for players that need a uniform.  Registration fees help cover all league expenses including; field permits, uniforms for all players, coaches, balls, and safety equipment.

Our goal is to field at least one team in each of grade divisions. In order to have a team at each division we need at least the following minimum number of players:

K-1 10 players

2-3 12 players

4-5 15 players

6-8 15 players

Practices will take place at Culver City High School starting on Sunday November 20, 2016.  Practices will take place on the following days of the week.

K-1 Practice Sunday afternoons; 4-5pm

2-3 Practice Sunday afternoons; 4-5pm

4-5 Practice Thursday and Sunday; Thursday 4-5pm Sunday 2:30-4:00pm

6-8 Practice Thursday and Sunday; Thursday 4-5pm Sunday 2:30-4:00pm

Games will be played on Saturdays, starting January 7, 2017.  They will run EVERY weekend until February 20, 2017.  Game times will be announced in the middle of December.

To register visit http://culvercitylacrosse.com/Registration/Default.asp?n=110525&org=culvercitylacrosse.com

by posted 10/20/2016
CCHS Alums Play In Morrisville State's Alumni Game

CCHS Alum's Devin Maxwell '08, Peter Pina '16, and Eliud Evans '12

Devin Maxwell and Eliud Evans welcomed Peter Pina to Morrisville State, NEAC DIII, in their annual alumni game.  Maxwell and Evans contributed 7 points to Morrisville State's Alumni Team's game totals.

by posted 10/03/2016
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